Gold Ghana Purchase terms and Conditions

no upfront payment pay after assay at refineryGold Ghana own land concesions in Kumasi, Ghana. We started to work from 2010, we do alluvial mining and at the moment we are extracting at our lands between 1 – 2 grams/Ton.

We are open to receive more partners, we have 200 acres of land with prospection reports ready to be exploitied.

You dont need invest your money in an unknown african company, to start we offers you the option to only bring your own machinery, based mainly in retroexcavators. We will use your machinery to extract it Gold, and this gold will be offered to you to a percentaje of discount.


If you are interested we will send us our detailed business plan, with different options according to most appropiate way you are ready to be in partnership with us.

Send us an email with the machinery you can provide or your business purposals to

Remember that: Discounted gold dont exist!
Even the a boy located at the most remote area of Africa knows the gold market price!
Maybe its not easy to undertands for you or you are confused because you have already hundred of people that claims to be seller at your skype or facebook, sending hundreds of kilos of gold offers with -10%, -20% even -30% of discount.