I am Manuel G. I own a logistic company in Spain that offers transport and mailboxes and virtual addresses at Spain and Ghana. This is a full report of everything happened to me in an scam case in Ghana and how the guvernment protect scammers like Nana Donkor.

I arrived to Ghana from Spain 19th May, 2012 to meet some Gold seller, after one meeting i see that all are scammers and i book my flight back on 22th May to Spain.

On Sunday 20th May, i remembered that i have a customer in Ghana that live here and i decided to call him and meet before leave Ghana.

An spanish friend that is my customer, Mario Jose Granell, introduced to Prince Bonsu and Ismael. Prince Bonsu told me that Works as Personal Security of the president of Ghana and he give me his name card. Ismael Works too as personal security of a minister.

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Mario and Prince convinced to stay here and dont leave Accra the next day 22th, May, because they told me that a minister was interested to bring gold to spain and i can help them, because i can help him to sell gold at Spain.

I know Mario because he is my customer in Spain of my transport company that offers sourcing and transport services worldwide.

Prince Bonsu help me to locate a new hotel and told me that he can introduce to more Gold sellers in Accra.

21 and 22 May, of 2012 after several meetings with the gold seller and agree to buy gold with a discount of 11% of london fixing for this first time.
I have a limited budged upto 3 kg. but i am in contact with potential buyers that are looking and waiting impatiently about my bussines in Ghana, my idea was to buy 3 kg. to demostrate my own past performance with a real seller in africa to others buyers and that way start to create trust between european investors as buyers and the seller.

We have agreed and signed a contract where i will be the seller mandate i can sell this gold at -10% lbma (<5 kg), -15% lbma (<100 kg.) and -20% lbma (>=100 kg.), in this prices its included a commmision of 5% for me the seller mandate.
So we have agreed to buy 3 kgs. of gold

-23th May, send bank transfer from my spanish bank to barclays ghana bank of 124,824 US$

-24th May, received bank transfer and the seller signed me receipt of the deposit of 124,824 US$ to buy 5 kgs. of Gold. He told me that he will send 5 kg. as symbol of the trust in me, and i will pay when i sell to my refinery in Spain.

-25th May is public holidays in africa, so he will give me gold monday, 28th monday, next week, so i book my flight 28th May.

-28th May, Seller told me to change my departure for next wednesday, without any reason he suggest me to change it to 30th may

-30th May, Seller tell me that government says that you cant send a shipment of 3 kg. to a buyer that have not received a previous trial order of 1 kg. so you send 1 kg. by KLM cargo and next friday 1th June i will get my 2 kg. but you will add 7 kgs. more without need to pay nothing in advance, because seller wanted to demostrate his trust in buyer.

-31th, May, I received 1 kg shipment of gold in spain by KLM cargo, and i got the assay report from AA minerals by email.

-1th June, you call me in the afternoon, and you tell me that i will definitively get the shipment today and go to spain, but when i am going to get my fly at 21.00 in airport where we have met, you told me that its not safe i get the shipment with me because i can have problems because i dont have a valid visa in Ghana.
-2th June when i am in Spain, you call me and you tell me that you will send me 10 kgs instead 5 kgs. but that i will need to pay something in advance to receive it. I say that what i want is to receive my 2 kgs. the most important thing for me is to finish first transaction with you, that i have already payed from 24th May, more than 10 days ago now.

After i tried several weeks to convince to send me my 2 kgs. He continues tell me that guverment needs to see i pay more, only 1 kgs. more 41,600 US$, and the other option he give me is that i send back the 1 kg. trial that he sent to me and i will do a full refund, he already know that i already sold the first kilo at spain.

Since 2th June i am calling the seller to convince to send me my 2 kg or send me the money of this 2 kgs. and he always say me he need more money or return to him the 1 kg. of gold.

I dont understand why he want i return the gold instead to refund me the 2 kgs of gold, its very strange and this seller is complicating the things, perhaps you can enligthen me with some ideas or any reason why this seller is doing that.

21th June, 2012, Nana Donkor called to me to tell me that he will come to spain next 29th June, to bring 70 kgs. To a customer and that he will send me my money back 124,824 US$ if i return 1 kg of gold, but i tell you that i cant wait that time and i will go to Ghana next week to try an amicable solution.

23th June, 2012 i arrived to Accra, i go to AA minerals to try find a solution together with the company that Nana trade gold. I met with Mr. Oheneba Kojo Quartsin, manager of Gold buying department at AA minerals, to be sure everything will go well, i agreed with him to open an account at AA minerals where i will bring or buy 1 kg. Of gold after i receive payment at my bank account in Ghana, i even considered the possibility to allow to Nana send my money at my metal account at AA minerals.

25th June, 2012, 8.30 at AA minerals i  opened account with: Kweku Effah Asuahene (Chief Executive Officer).

10.00 AM i was at PMMC talking with Godwin Tettey to know the best procedure to trade with gold and asking about any possibility to help situation, they give me much information, and recommend me in the future to do transactions with PMMC to avoid be scammed.

I met Seth Kley at PMMC, he confirmed that PMMC has removed to Nana Donkor companies, his mining license at PMMC but he got another from Minerals commision. He confirmed to me that have the police in his pocket, so he suggested me a amicable solution.

He called to Prince Bonsu and explained everything, and suggested to meet Prince to see the way he can help me to fix this situation.

I sent this email to Nana with copy to aa minerals and Seth Klay:


Hello Nana,

Please transfer my money back to my bank in Ghana

Beneficiary: Manuel

Account: 5020032XX0X

Bank name: International Commercial bank

Head office: diamond house


Send me payment receipt and i Will transfer 1kg. Of GOLD from my AA

Minerals metal account: XX/12 to your account

i met Prince Bonsu at 37 (on the road bar), and explained my plans to solve this situation in an amicable way and with the help of AA minerals, and we agreed to meet Nana Donkor on 27th June.

26th June, I was at Spanish Embassy, talking with the embassador aggregate Police inspector Mr. De la calle, recommended to go Police, but he dont have many experience and recommended to talk with Economic and Commercial Office.

I visited to Ravi Mehtani  at Economic and Commercial Office (ICEX), he informed me about they cant help with a gold scam case and dont know how to proceed.

-I had a meeting with Minister of Roads: Hon Dr. Oakley Quaye Kumah

  He asked me who introduce me to the scammer Nana Donkor, his assistant called to the presidency security chief, to check if Prince Bonsu really works there, but he dont belong to the security personnel.

  He recommended to try amicable solution and report case to National Security and BNR and if dont solve this i must to come back to talk with him again.

27th June, I visited at 11.00 AM office of Nana Donkor at: P.O.Box AN8320, ACCRA-NORTH. We was in a meeting Prince Bonsu, Ismael, Nana Donkor and me Manuel. I tapped all the meeting using my cellphone.

Nana told me that now he dont accepted to send my money back, except if i return his 1 kg back, i purposed to do transaction with AA minerals but he dont accepted, becuase he say that it will dont have 94% of purity, AA minerals only can offer 92% of purity. So he told me that he cant give me 2 kgs of gold he must give me because at this raining season he cant get gold from his mines, so he told me that he will do at August, i insisted that send me my money back, because i need to start doing bussines in Ghana and another problema is that Gold Price will go down in August as statistics show  every year, but he says that dont worry that gold Price will be higher. So Amicable solution was imposible to do and everytime he invent a new story.

I dont know if signed contracts will be useful here at Ghana, but i told to Nana to sign a contract where he will be compromised to give me my 2 kg. Of gold in 1th August because he dont gave me other option as you can see at tapped meeting in the Audio MP3 file included. He told me that today have no time, but we can do it next monday, 2th July at 11.00 AM and not matter if it will be public holidays day at Ghana.

28th June, By suggestion of the Deputy Minister of the Roads, i reported fraud of Nana Donkor to Bureau National Inteligence (BNI) and National Security.

I was at Mineral comision talking with the Minerals Tithes Officer: George Banful,  and he told that that they cant do anything against this scammers

2th July,  i called at 9.00 AM to Nana to confirm our meeting to sign contract, but no response, so i send a message and he reply me: "Its a holiday today and am with my family so let's speak tomorrow"
3th July,
BNI: we meet someone there, but still nobody read my fraud report, so he told me that they will call by phone same day,
Lawyer: We meet Samuel (Ransford Lawyer) that have office at the same building of Minister of Lands. If i decide to proceed with litigation, it will cost me 10% of the recovered quantity.

4th July, 2012
Open non resident account at Standard Chattered Bank Ghana Limited.

5th July, 2012
-We meet Samuel the Lawyer, it costed me 100 GHS for consultancy services, he dont tell me nothing new, we only agreed to meet again tomorrow 6th, we will give all information to proceed next 9th July to start litigation.
-I have Sent email to Nana with copy to his secretary Aisha:
Dear Nana Kwaku Donkor:

Now after 1 month and half waiting to receive the 2 kgs of gold i dont want to continue waiting and i prefer to receive inmediately the balance of the 2 kgs. (83216 US$) of gold to my bank account:

Bank Account: Standard Chatered Bank Ghana Limited
Beneficiary: Manuel
Account: 87517182XXX000
Total: 83216 US$   Eighty three thouthands two hundred sixteen US dollars.

I need that money urgently before next monday, 9th July, 2012.

Best regards,

6th July, 2012
-We meet Samuel , we should pay 250 GHS as courts fee to file case, case filed today, next monday we will get receipt.
-Minister of Lands meeting, told me to write a letter with my area of interest and business purposal and meet us again after that.

8th July, 2012
By casuallity, nana donkor say me on the road when i was waiting the bus to go to the church, he called me and told me and we agreed to meet us next tuesday, at 14.00

9th July, 2012
-Lawyer, he wanted i pay something before we go to the courts and it will be discounted of the 10% when we win the case, i told him NO
10th July
-I called to Nana at 13.00 to confirm meeting and told me that better tomorrow at 11th at 14.00.
-We give letter with my business purposal and fraud report to the secretary of Minister of lands and i send by email too at same time.

11th July
-We go at 8.00 AM to the First Mining Forum at National theatre
Forum finished at 14.30, at 13.00 i sent message to Nana to tell i will go to 16.00.
At the end of this forum was offered the opportunity to ask questions to the guvernment team, i was waiting at the end waiting the opportunity to ask my question, but without to be in the queue, but at 14.00 finished the forum and still was 10 persons in the queue that can not make his questions, anyway i thought was not very good idea to ask my question about why Minerals commission allow an scammer to have a mining license, becuase Nana Donkor was in the forum too, and this will start the hard fight and will not allow me a amicable solution, as was recommend to me by PMMC and Mineral Commissions.
-at 14.25 Nana call me and told me that he saw me in the forum, and its not possible to meet us at 16.00 he have another meetings already, so we will meet us tomorrow at 12.00

12th July
-Minerals Commission, I asked to secretary to meet Benjamin Ayee, but she told me that he is in a meeting. Minerals Tithes Officer: George Banful, I asked why Minerals commission allow to a fraudster like Nana Donkor to have open an account? answer was that accounts are open by periods of 5 years and its a decision that should take justice, in others words they have good connections in guvernment. I was talking in a room where there is 3 officers, and all they think that the best i can do is to get a amicable solution or a deal where i can recover at least money or part of him.
 I was lucky, because when i was trying to leave, I met Benjamin Ayee and i give the letter i wrote personally for him and the fraud report.
-12.30 we arrived Nana Donkor Office, i tapped the conversation, i thing he know i was doing it, because everyword looked to be carefully studied, or maybe the appointment to the courts for the next monday, 16th July, make it to studied the situation. We was in the meeting Nana, General manager of the company, Ransford and me, Nana told me that its not possible to sell gold at discounted price without investment, thats why we need to wait to get our gold becuase our money was invested, but at this period, its winter and mining site is full of water and can not be operated. He asked me if i have not check the contract i have signed with him with my lawyer?, where its stablished that every transactions will be of 10 kgs, Nana is trying to tell me that i need to pay for 10 kgs and not 3 kgs. i tried dont be angry, becuase its changing our deal, we agreed in the first deal a trial shipment of 3 kgs. so i tried dont give too much importance to this new story, he told me that i will need to wait until 30 august to get my 2 kgs. of gold.  So we agreed that he will sign a contract signed by email where he will agreed to send me 2 kgs of gold before 30 August.
I called to Samuel my lawyer to change courts appointment to 1st September, i prefered to give last opportunity before go to the courts, he have now the argument that i signed a contract where we stablish that the quantity will be 10 kgs. So i need to pay 10 kgs to receive 10 kgs. its something without sense, because we agreed to do a first transaction of 3 kgs. i told him i dont have the money to buy 10 kgs.

13th July
-Still Not received Letter where Nana will send 2 kgs. of gold before 30 august, dont get my calls and not answer my sms, so i decided to go office, soldier in the door told me that he is not there, he is in a meeting outside, he called me and told me that was busy with customers, and he will send me tomorrow at 9.00 AM from office.

16th July
-Still feel not good because i dont eat much last day (have stomach problems, after i eat a bad salad in Barcelos restaurant) but i am going to the Police Crime Commercial to file my case there, all the bus coming full, when i was trying to get a new bus in accra mall (round about) i was enjoying to see how people fight to enter the first in a full coming bus, when arrived my bus, someone put his bag in front of my breast, i see that black man face to face very annoyed, but i understood that its like a game "will be gay the last one", we dont get the bus because it was full, but after 7 or 8 seconds i noticed my iphone was not at my pocket of my tshirt, so i see all places and this man was dissappeared, i felt like a fool in the middle of this monkeys!
-I called to Nana, to ask why he dont send me signed document where he declare that will send me the 2 kgs before 30 august, he told me this time that needed to go to Tarkwa, that he will send me tonight or tomorrow morning.
-I arrived to the Police office in Osu, and i arrived to the 5th floor where is located the Police Crime Commercial, i show the photo of Nana Donkor and give the fraud report and explained what happened, someone there already know this scammer and the way he do his bussines to scam. I told too that we already reported case to BNI and National security, officer was surprised about that, then i explained that because someone told me that Police is in the Pocket of Nana Donkor, Officer told me that its not possible and he assured to me that i will get my money or gold back. Another Police officer called to Nana Donkor to meet him in the Police office, he told them that he is in Tarkwa and he will come next Thursday morning.
-After the police was talking with Nana i noticed how Nana is playing with me all the time, even when he knows that he will dont back from Tarkwa, today or tomorrow, he is telling me that he will send document, but he cant do it until he comeback to the office and he is not planing to come back before wednesday.

18th July
Doing a faith in the justice of Ghana, i have been today reporting the fraud to the Police Commercial Crime Unit in the central police station in Osu, Charles, the officer called to Nana Donkor and assured me that i will recover my money back, we will meet Nana Donkor at Police department tomorrow 19th July.

19th July
I arrived at 11.00 to the Police Commercial Crime Unit, The officer Charles called to Nana Donkor, and he told that he is waiting that i arrive before to leave, so he arrived after 12.00, We meet Felix the Commander of the Commercial Crime Unit, we explained everything again and Nana declared that he have a contract signed with me where it appears we need to do transactions of 10 kgs., so he is trying to change the truth, because this contract not include the first transaction where we agreed to do a first tranch of 3 kg., i become very angry and tell him to Nana directly that he is a Lyer, he very serious with his hand indicate me that dont insult me, i was trying to explain to Felix, that the proof of my first transaction is at the deposit receipt where Nana declares to receive 124,824 US$ and to send me 5 kgs to Spain, I tell to the commander that Nana Donkor is not the first time its there, so i asked if he knows him, and Felix told me that he dont know him, at same time nana, very serious, say again that "Dont insult to me", trying to avoid that Commander dont need to answer this delicate question.
Felix, told me to meet next monday, 22th July. i told him that i have a flight 20th in the evening, so he decided to change it to the next day 20th in the morning at 10AM.

20th July
I arrived at 10 AM, and Charles the officer was not in the Office, i call him, and told me Sorry, becuase he wanted to call me to say me that we have change the meeting until monday at 10AM., an he told me to wait him at office he is in courts but he will be there in 1 hour, after 2 hours waiting he arrived at 12.00, i give some more proofs of documents found at internet and websites, and complaintboard page, together with my bank transfer payment receipt, he told me that the good thing is that Nana has not denied that he received payment of 3 kgs. of gold and he only sent me 1 kg.
23th July
After we meet again at 12 AM in the Police HQ, Commercial Crime Unit with Felix, the commander told me that my case will be solved in the civil courts because Nana Donkor send me 1 kg. of Gold, so this type of transactions are identified as civil, however if Nana Donkor received payment of 3 kgs and dont send me anything the case should be solved in the penal courts. Felix, agreed with Nana Donkor, that Nana Donkor will sign me a document where he will agree to send me the 2 kgs of gold before of 30th August of this year. He never do that.

30th August
I called to Nana Donkor by phone and asked why still dont received gold, he told me that i must to come to his office to visit him. He know i am in Spain and ask me if i can fly and come tomorrow to his office.

He appear in Fraud alert section at the Ghana mining portal site (owned by Mineral comission):

more info at:

Why Minerals Comission allow a fraudster as Nana Donkor have an active mining license?

Asona Mining was the mining company used upto 2011, and then created a new company name to Asiko Group, and this year is creating a new company, Nana Kwaku Donkor, looks to have found the way to scam foreigners companies and be intouchable by the Ghana Guvernment

Download Recorded meeting at Asiko Group Ltd Office, at 27th June, 2012: Asiko-Nana-Donkor-meeting-27-june.mp3

Download Recorded meeting at Asiko Group Ltd Office, at 12th July, 2012: Asiko-Nana-Donkor-meeting-12-july.mp3

I have original documents available:

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